Restore that Fresh, Natural Look

Cosmetic Injections are a highly effective treatment for facial rejuvenation. Treatments address wrinkles, loss of volume and reduced collagen production. Our cosmetic team, Doctor BK Tee and Nurse Injector Carmen Redfern are very experienced in aesthetics and aim to provide the best possible outcomes for each individual client. Carmen has an eye for detail and is passionate about keeping up to date with current injecting trends to ensure your look is fresh and natural.

We offer a complimentary consultation by our highly qualified medical staff to discuss the various options that are suitable for you and to address any concerns or special requirements.

Cosmetic Injections by Aqui-Essence

Anti Wrinkle Injections are ideal for those who are after a lift that leaves them looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Major advances in Cosmetic technology has resulted in more people choosing rejuvenating procedures to create a refreshed appearance.

Dermal Fillers are an ideal treatment for enhancing facial contours and targeting specific areas of concern. Facial volume can easily be restored using a carbohydrate compound which naturally occurs in the skin and depletes as we age. This is a great option for a natural facial treatment that restores youthful curves and tissue hydration. Dermal fillers are commonly used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections that helps to relax the facial muscles. Results are immediate. Removal of fine lines in these facial regions by dermal fillers leaves a natural and smooth looking facial appearance.

Sculptra works by restoring collagen and fat pads, which are key structural components that provide a youthful shape to your face. Sculptra stimulates the targeted areas for a fresher, fuller appearance. The affect is gradual and very natural. The treatment results can last for 2 years onwards.